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Viagra 25mg

Viagra 25mg

Viagra 25mg acts on the penile muscles, which helps in the continuous flow of blood in the penile region. Once there is continuous flow of blood, the penis gets good erection and also the hardness lasts for many hours.

An effective pill, Viagra 25mg is used for the treatment of erectile deficiency in men.

This erectile deficiency drug can be taken half an hour ahead of engaging in sexual activity. It can be used after taking meals or in empty stomach. Well, make sure that you do not take more of the dosages. Another thing is that you have to maintain 24 hours gap between two Viagra 25mg doses.

When approaching the doctor for your erectile deficiency problem, be sure that you discuss with him about all your medical conditions. Discuss with the physician if you have any problems of the heart, liver, blood, kidney, vision or penis. The doctor will be able to give the right prescription only if he is aware of you health.

When taking Viagra 25mg pills, never use alcohol or grapes as the two may interact. The doctors may also not prescribe Viagra 25mg if you are using any nitrate filed medicines.

If you feel any uneasiness when engaged in sexual activity after taking Viagra 25mg, you should have to immediately consult the doctor. Some persons taking Viagra 25mg have experienced sudden vision loss. However, it is not yet proved if these persons had lost eyesight because of this impotency drug. People who had hypertension and diabetes had come across such vision problems.

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Necessary things to know about Viagra

You will be familiar with many medicines which are commonly used by many people. Their names have become so much common because the diseases for which they are used are very common. Yes, I am talking about those medicines which you use for flu, cough and fever etc. Now every common man has the knowledge about the medicine for their treatment. On the other hand, some medical problems are not very common and their treatment is not easily available in market. For this purpose, patient has to visit doctor’s clinic so that doctor can diagnose the right problem. Such medical problems are diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer and typhoid etc. If anyone is suffering with any of these health problems, then doctor prescribes him a proper treatment. There is a particular treatment period for every type of health disease. In this article, I will discuss about a health problem which is related to men’s sex organs. Very few men become the victim of this sexual problem and its name is sexual dysfunction. Sexual problems are concerned with both men and women but this type of sexual problem is only faced by men. Sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction affects on the genital organs of man i.e. penis. Penis is considered the only important thing for sexual intercourse. For a satisfactory sex, it is very necessary that the person get enough penile erection which is necessary to insert the penis inside the vagina easily. Without getting erection, the male cannot satisfy the sexual need of her partner.

There is a big class of those men who feel shame in consulting with a sexual health doctor. They do not like to discuss their sexual problem with any person. This is very wrong thinking of people regarding their sexual problem. The person must think that the sexual problem is not only being faced by him. There are numbers of people who are getting sexual problems and they do consult with their doctors for their treatment. No treatment was available for erectile dysfunction like other sexual problems in past but now it is being treated by effective medicines. One of the best medicines available for this purpose is Viagra. 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg are those doses which can be found at chemist shop. Usually doctors prescribe their patient to start with 25 mg dose because it is not very harmful for the body. If the patient does not feel good results after taking that lower dose then doctor suggest him to increase the dose. Doctors always increase the dose of Viagra after knowing your present health condition. If they think that your body can bear the heavy dose without any severe effect then they do increase the dose.

What could happen if the person takes a heavy dose? There are many chances of getting Viagra side effects. Viagra side effects are headache, facial flushing, upset stomach and bluish vision. If any one of you starts having any of these side effects then he should immediately contact with his doctor.