Dosages of Viagra

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is most common drug used across the globe for treatment of erectile disfunction. It is a citrate salt of sildenafil by chemical composition and fall in to the class of PDE-5 inhibitor drugs. It is a selective cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) inhibitor. Its solubility is 3.5 mg/ml in H20 and has a molecular weight of 666.7. it is a diamond shaped, blue colored tablet. Available dosages are 25 mg, 50mg and 100 mg. it is chiefly used orally and contains inactive ingredients like hypromellose, titanium dioxide, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, triacetin, and FD & C Blue #2 aluminum lake.

Dosage Information

Standard dosage for oral administration is 50 mg. However, dosage varies from 25 mg to 100 mg based on the patient's tolerance and other medical parameters. Dosing frequency not to be exceeded once a day. Consumption of Viagra prior or later to meal doesn't make any difference in performance. It is advised to consume between half an hour to four hours prior to sexual action.

How Much Viagra Should User Take for the First Time?

It is medically recommended to take 50 mg dosage for a first-time user and henceforth dosage to be increased or decreased gradually based on doctor's advice. 100 mg dosage is generally recommended in certain special cases but self-administration without prior consultation of doctor is strictly prohibited. 25 mg dosage is generally prescribed for patients with prior medical history (heart ailments) or if patient is on certain special medication like HIV drugs or alpha blockers or if patient has a history of high blood pressure. In such cases the combination of Viagra of 50 mg or higher with the prior medication might have catastrophic effect on patient's health and ae thus prescribed the lowest available dosage.

Overweight and Dosage

Weight is not a factor in Viagra dosage except in certain cases like diabetes or high obesity in which cases it is advised to consult a doctor prior to consumption. Age is an important factor and Viagra should not be consumed if the patient is below 18 years of age.

Strength of dosage to be strictly administered by certified physician for over dosing can have serious detrimental effects on health. It has been medically recorded that overdosing makes the patient vulnerable to side effects of Viagra which can lead to severe conditions like priapism, hypotension (extremely low blood pressure), and can cause permanent irrevocable damage to penis. Furthermore, cases have been recorded where overdosing had led to cardiac arrest (myocardial infarction) and even death. Thus, over dosing is strictly prohibited. in case of an accidental overdose the patient must seek immediate medical assistance.

Viagra and other ED Medications

Furthermore, combining Viagra with other similar drugs used for treating erectile dysfunction (like Kamagra) is strictly advised against. It has been medically proven that consumption of more than one medication used for treating erectile dysfunction makes the patient more susceptive to the grave side effects of the drugs which can be fatal.

Additionally, for patients with liver and kidney problems starting dose not to be increased more than 25 mg for consumption of Viagra also increases the plasma levels of sildenafil.

How Many mg of Viagra Should I Take?

The dosages for the Viagra, like all other drugs, must be truly taken into account, as for the dosages may be really different for each of the individuals, this may vary accordingly to the very unique health issues, along with the responses of the patient's different organs that will take in the Viagra.

The regular prescribed dosage for the Viagra would be 50mg taken an 1 hour before the anticipated sexual activities. Even the label for Viagra states that the Viagra could be taken at anytime from a half an hour up to 4 hours before any sexual activities. It would all depend on how the Viagra works in the patient's body.

  • Ways to Use the Viagra

Once you have taken Viagra, it breaks down and then will excrete it in to the feces, and also through your urine. The half-life of the Viagra has been about 4 hours.

Other important aspects on the intakes and the uses of the Viagra, is the individuals on the medication for either liver or kidney problems or even them undergoing the dialysis for the kidney, their dosage should be very strictly followed under specific instructions by their doctor, as the conditions could be more than likely the affect of Viagra usage.

  • Viagra Chemistry

Chemistry of the Viagra drug does reveal that it is absorbed into the blood stream. The maximum time frame that it is observed for the concentration would range from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes when taken orally.

Viagra is about 40% bio that is available, and has the protein content of about 96%.

It is advised when taking Viagra it will need to be accompanied by a very rich calorie diet that would be containing very high fat and very high protein contents. The absorbency when taking with a low fat diet would be reduced greatly.