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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonly known as impotence, and is a condition whereby a man is unable to get or keep an erection of the penis. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by an underlying medical condition, stress or any psychological or emotional concern. Heavy alcohol intake is also known to increase the likelihood of suffering erectile dysfunction, hence colloquial expressions such as 'brewer's droop'.

An assessment of erectile dysfunction will usually begin with an attempt to ascertain whether the condition is a psychological or physical one. This can be easily determined as physical conditions which prevent successful erections will nearly always prevent erections being developed at all; therefore, a man who is able to develop an erection during sleep, for example, but not the rest of the time, will usually be suffering from erectile dysfunction with a psychological root.

There are some prescription medications which cite erectile dysfunction as a side-effect, and these include some of the SSRIs. In extreme cases, erectile dysfunction brought on by long-term use of SSRIs can be long-lasting or even permanent. Fortunately, this is quite rare. Erections are developed when the penile shaft is massaged or manipulated, and this can be done manually (by hand) or psychogenically, when the man is exposed to erotic stimuli. This results in the release of nitric oxide, which causes the arterial muscles of the penis to relax, and an erection is developed. For a 'manual' erection, the peripheral nerves and spinal cord must be working; and for a 'mental' erection, the limbic system of the brain is utilized.

Whether the erection occurs as the result of physical or mental stimuli, a working neural system, adequate testosterone and healthy pituitary glands are necessary. Where erectile dysfunction is not a result of a treatable medical condition, such as diabetes, treatment has traditionally been difficult. Psychological impotence can be treated in a variety of ways, specific to the affected man, but the process can be lengthy. In severe cases, surgery and implants are available. But in the 1990s, Viagra was developed and treatment for erectile dysfunction became much simpler and much less distressing – and changed the lives of many men and their partners around the world.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

A fair number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED - mainly known as impotence. This is a daunting health condition that renders one unable to get or keep an erection. Even if patients do get an erection, it is barely suitable for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Impotence can occur due to varied causes including psychological and drugs. Drugs like anti depressants and nicotine increase your chances of becoming impotent by a huge margin. Stress, depression and myriad other psychological factors may cause erectile dysfunction. In some people, impotence will only last a few hours while for others it takes days-but for some people, this is a physical impairment that could last all their lives. Lifestyle causes of erectile dysfunction include smoking, alcohol consumption and poor exercise. All these contribute to unnecessary weight gain which eventually leads to clogging of blood vessels. Blood is the very essence of erection and if there isn't enough of it in the penile shaft at peak arousal, sex will not be satisfactory.

Treatment methods

Depending on its cause and thereby type (psychological, physical), impotence is treated using varied means. Psychological impotence is easily treated by counseling and motivation. The physician will adopt methods to help you appreciate yourself and sort out issues that may be inhibiting factors to a proper erection. When drugs cause impotence, it is wise to stop using them. However, if these drugs are meant to treat another condition, it is only wise to consult your doctor for a prescription change.

If you see the symptoms of impotence, it is best to make as many lifestyle changes as possible. Cut the fat in your diet and stop smoking to reduce the chances of ED. In case impotence is caused by an underlying disease like diabetes or cancer, treating it would be the only cure. Experts on this condition give a stern warning to those who opt to seek remedies online. The internet is full of unscrupulous people selling substandard products and it is better to see a licensed practitioner for proper medication.

There are some people who are more susceptible to this condition than others. Studies show that men aged 60 and above have four times the chance of becoming impotent than their younger counterparts. Physical impotence is harder to treat as this often requires surgical intervention.


Besides the inability to enjoy sex, impotence has a negative effect on the patient as well as those around him. The partner will be deprived of sex and the man will suffer embarrassment. In such a situation it is advisable to seek professional help.

Though impotence is usually characterized by failure to get a proper erection, it is important to let your doctor now exactly when it began. This will make it easier to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. If you notice the signs of impotence, it is only wise to consult your doctor for best advice. You do not have to suffer in silence as there are a number of online resources to help you handle impotence with as much discretion as you wish.

Impotence and Ways of Treating It

People are surrounded by several problems and these problems are destroying their lives. Some problems are easy to tackle that is why most of the people get rid of them easily but some problems remain for long time. Health problems are also included in those problems which a common man faces in his daily routine. When we look at the health problems, then we see that some health problems are very easy to treat with common medicines. In such health problems, flu, cough and nausea are included. Although, these health problems are easy to treat but a man suffer a lot. This article will tell you about a health problem that is becoming very common in people. Mostly western people are becoming the victim of this health problem because of their bad eating habits. This health problem is called as erectile dysfunction and abbreviated as ED. Sexual dysfunction is another name that is used for erectile dysfunction. Those people like to eat junk food in office timing. And sometimes they go to restaurants with their family to enjoy burgers etc. This food is obviously delicious but it should be used less frequently. This food carries many kinds of problems like blood pressure problem due to its ingredients. All in all, healthy food can guarantee you a good health while junk or unhealthy food will be harmful for your health.

Kamagra 100mg

Kamagra 100 mg

Diabetes, mental stress and spinal cord injury are also considered in the causes of erectile dysfunction. As far as concerned about the symptom of erectile dysfunction, the man will start feeling that he is unable to have erection despite of sexual excitement. A normal man can easily have an erected penis at the time of sexual excitement. The one who is suffering from erectile dysfunction will have to take those medicines which can give him erection for a specific time. After taking those medicines, the victim of ED can do sexual intercourse with partner and can satisfy her sexual need. Some well-known medicines are Viagra (sildenafil citrate) and Kamagra which are prescribed by the doctor according to the health condition of patient. Doctors consider many things before prescribing the right dose of right medicine to the patient like age and health problems he is already suffering from.

What is actually happening inside the body of an ED patient? The whole body works in a normal way, but blood flow does not increase when the man is sexually simulative. Due to the reduction in blood flow, penis remains flaccid and the man remains unable to start sexual intercourse. Actually, the food that contains high amount of fats and oils causes problems for the health. It starts to deposit inside the vessels and block the flow of blood. And in the end, the person becomes the victim of erectile dysfunction. So if you have a good health at this time, then you should try to avoid all those things which may lead you to erectile dysfunction. It will totally ruin your marriage life.


Follow your Doctor's advice

The competition between the pharmaceutical companies is increasing day by day. Every pharmaceutical company is trying to produce such products that make it different from the other companies. With the advancement in science and technology, every pharmaceutical company has made itself better as compare to past. Now many health problems, which were incurable in the past, have become curable. This is only possible due to the dedicated work of our scientists and doctors. In this article we shall discuss about a well known sexual problem that is erectile dysfunction. Many people do not tell their doctors about their sexual problem and then they caught by other health problems so it is strongly recommended that they should tell every health problem to their doctor.

Follow your Doctor's advice

There is duration of every treatment so if you are taking medicine then you should take it for the specified time period. Medicines shall not act effectively on your body if you will use them only when you feel that you are suffering from this problem. As you know that every medicine has some side effects. You cannot ignore these side effects while using that medicine. The chances of getting these side effects can be minimized by using the medicine according to the prescription of the doctor. if you get any side effect by chance then you should consult with your doctor and should tell him about the previous health problems. The previous problems will help him to understand well about the side effects. The common side effects of using Viagra are headaches, dizziness, heart problem and problem in vision. Mostly these side effects remain for the duration of treatment and then they go away. In other case, if any side effect is still present then you should take an immediate help from the health care provider.

Some care tips are considered by the people before the use of Viagra. If you are willing to use it then you should also consider them. In these care tips you should have knowledge that use of nitrates with Viagra is harmful for your health. It means that you should avoid those medicines which contain nitrates. Viagra cannot protect you from transmitting the sexual disease i.e. AIDS. You have to consult with your doctor if you want to save yourself from such health problems. Viagra can be found easily from the market. You can buy Viagra in three doses i.e. 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Most of the doctors suggest a heavy dose to a person having age range from 20 to 35 years. A light dose of Viagra is best for that person have an age more than 60 years.

In last, I want to say that you do not need to worry about erectile dysfunction or man impotence. Viagra can be used for its treatment according to the prescription of doctor. Side effects are no longer in using Viagra so you can use it without any trouble. Buy it from any chemist shop in your country at cheap rate.

Information related to male and female impotency
Want to get a long erection? Buy Viagra online

In the present days, time is very important for every person. No one wants to lose his time because the importance of time has been increased to a great extent. Those people who work in offices mostly spend their time in work. They get a very little tie for their enjoyment which is very necessary for a happy life. The burden of their work does not allow them to pass some precious time with family. This thing increases the differences between the members of a family. It is very necessary for the men to pass the time with the family members especially with wife. If you will not follow this piece of advice then you cannot get a happy life. Well, this was something about the burden of work and its consequences but in this article we shall discuss our topic that is Viagra.

An Informative Insight To Types Of Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction affects millions of men around the wold. It is a sexual problem that causes the inability to fully erect or erect at all. Men suffering impotence cannot be able to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners. This leads to distress, self denial and lack of self esteem. However, one can fully treat impotence and live a normal sexual life. There are 6 types of impotence all with different causes. If rightfully diagnosed, doctors can advice on the best line of treatment.

Treatment methods for Impotence

Impotence is a condition where a man cannot get or maintain an erection that is hard enough to have satisfactory intercourse for a long time. An impotent person might not have erection at all or may lose erection during intercourse before you are completely satiated. Erectile dysfunction not only damages your self-esteem but also degrades your relationship with your partner.

Generic version of Viagra now in China

A Chinese company has got the approval from China’s State Food and Drug Administration to produce Viagra medicines in country. Viagra, a well known medicine used for erectile dysfunction, was not being produced in China in past years but now a pharmaceutical company got the green light from China’s officials.

How to Avoid Sexual Problems?

Health is wealth for everyone. The importance of good health is great. You people know that no one can enjoy his work unless he is healthy. If a person is suffering from a health problem, then it will be quite difficult for him to enjoy daily activities with other people. He will not get pleasure in anything. Moreover, the time and money spent on the treatment is not negligible. Above mentioned are the main reasons which compel a person to think about his health.

Emotional Health In Men

No relationship is every constant. Just like the world which is constantly changing and evolving, relationships too go through constant change. Some relationships are volatile owing to the nature of both the partners who may be too hot headed. Some others are likely to be plain and simple and have no spice at all. Each relationship is characterized by the mental makeup and emotional behavior pattern of the individuals.

Love Can Conquer And Overcome Any Problem

Why is it that men and women's success as well as purpose in life seems to be to marry and procreate? Any impotence on the part of man is seen as a question mark on him and shakes the core of the being. Women too find their life shattered if they are unable to bear children. Apart from the social stigma, they tend to suffer personally and psychologically too.

Ageing, Viagra And The Downside

Satisfying a partner sexually is one feature that cements a relationship and for this reason, erectile dysfunction is worthy of discuss. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of an adult male during sexual intercourse not to have a normal and sustained erection. Here the penis of the victim is said to be flaccid and small even when the person is sexually driven. ED caused by a myriad of factors and situations ranging from a surgical operation, genetic causes, ageing/age, psychological and disease causes.

Men Be Aware

Our world is made up of good and bad things. Just like day and night, dark and light everything in nature has its opposites. Even in the case of man, the habits and mental tendencies consist of good as well as bad. An individual who is guided by a strong will, intellect and discrimination uses his faculties to understand himself and to give boost to his good tendencies and habits and works towards eliminating the wrong thoughts and tendencies that promise good in the short run but turn out to give misery in the long run.

Beauty Of The Being

All human beings are conscious of themselves. We are all always conscious of our appearance, the other’s reactions and appreciation etc. It is in our innate nature to be always aware of our self. We are highly conscious of our physical appearance and our beauty. We do put in a lot of effort and take care to groom ourselves and look good all the time.

Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride

We and the Taylors have been neighbors for the past twenty five years. Living together we have seen each others ups and downs and stood by each other to help and support in tough times and in need. Within the two families we have had eight children, two dogs and three kittens which have been brought up playing, partying and swimming together. There has never been a time when one had to worry about having to lock up the house if we were going away on vacation; we just assumed that the Taylors would look after our home while we were away and vice versa. Many a times, children have opted to stay back and not travel with us and have been at home with the Taylors.

Life can be Fast, Life can be Mean. You should know how to get around it

Yes, when we see lives of men people, we wonder whether life is made by the choices that we make or is it destiny perhaps that designs the entire course that we take.

No erection means no orgasm

No erection means no orgasm. The spice of intimate relationship is lost when hideous flaccidity takes the place of strong erection. The complaints of penile flaccidity increase with the increasing age. Nutritional deficiencies and mental stress are two other factors blamed for erectile dysfunction. No man can be considered safe from the ruthless touch of impotence. Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a most trusted pharmaceutical company, is fighting impotence since 1998 through its miraculous product called Viagra, also popular in the adult community by the name of "blue pill". Viagra is a wonder drug which provides strength to the flaccid penis.

Is Man A Physical Being Or Something More?

Understanding human beings is very difficult and very interesting too. Most of us believe and comprehend our external environment through our five senses. In a sense we are limiting our perceptions to our limited senses.

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