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Viagra 50mg

Viagra 50mg

Viagra 50mg is a drug that is prescribed for treating impotency problems in men. Viagra 50mg pills acts on the muscles in the penis. Once the drug is taken, it helps in the relaxing of the blood vessels, which means good erection and the erection lasting for a long period.

Viagra 50mg impotency pills have to be taken only under a doctor’s direction. Never use more of the doses as it can only increase the risk of side effects. The drug can be used 30 to 45 minutes ahead of sex.

Once you consult the doctor, you have to discuss wth him about all your past and present medical history. This will help him to make a right decision on the prescription. Never hide from the doctor if you are having any issues related to the liver, kidney, bloood and heart.

While using Viagra 50mg pills, never take alcohol and also grape fruits and grape juice. The drug is also not given if you are using any nitrate filled drugs. This is because Viagra 50mg taken along with such drugs can lead to a sudden decrease in the blood pressure.

When engaging in sexual activity after taking Viagra 50mg, be cautious of any uneasiness. In case you feel so, never delay in contacting your doctor. A few persons have come across vision loss after using Viagra 50mg. However, there is no clear evidence that these persons had such a condition because of using Viagra 50mg. Such a condition was visible only in people who were diabetic or who had hypertension or who had existing eye problems.

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A wide knowledge about Viagra

Medicines play an important role in the treatment of common and less common health problems. Though the world is making progress very fast but the causes of different health problems are also increasing very rapidly. Scientists are trying their best to find the solution of these health problems which are still incurable. You will be familiar of many health ailments which are only treated with the help of available medicines because they cannot be cured thoroughly. Such health ailments include AIDS, Cancer and Diabetes. These are some of those health problems which have become quite common in people and their solution still do not exists. These ailments are only treated. In this article, I shall discuss about a sexual problem that is only be treated. This sexual problem is called as ED or erectile dysfunction. Scientists are trying to find out the permanent solution of this sexual problem but not succeeded yet.

How erectile dysfunction does affect the health of a person? It is very easy to answer this question because now its answer is available. The person who is a victim of erectile dysfunction will face difficulty in getting a prolong erection of penis. There are many people who are suffering with this sexual problem can get erection but they cannot maintain this erection for a long time. In sexual intercourse, the man is needed to maintain the erection for a long time for a satisfactory sex. The patient of erectile dysfunction or impotent cannot maintain his erection for a sufficient time. In such a case, doctors suggest the use of Viagra that should be taken 1-2 hours before the sexual activity in a limited amount. If it is taken in excess, as many people do, it can become the cause of Priapism.

Priapism is the inverse of ED in which the male face difficulty to lose the erection of penis. In extreme cases, the user may lose his erection permanently that should be avoided. In order to keep Viagra helpful for the health, the user should take it according to the prescription of doctor. The doctor will recommend a specific dose of Viagra after examine the health condition of user. If he is above 65 years, then a lose dose of 25 mg is mostly prescribed otherwise 50 mg is considered very best before sexual activity. It should be noted that Viagra does not increase the libido of the user so it should be avoided if there is no case of ED.