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An Informative Insight To Types Of Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction affects millions of men around the wold. It is a sexual problem that causes the inability to fully erect or erect at all. Men suffering impotence cannot be able to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners. This leads to distress, self denial and lack of self esteem. However, one can fully treat impotence and live a normal sexual life.

There are 6 types of impotence all with different causes. If rightfully diagnosed, doctors can advice on the best line of treatment. There types are:

1. Endocrinologic impotence

This type of impotence is caused by imbalance or not enough testosterone and estrogen in the blood stream. It may also be referred to hormonal impotence.

2. Arteriogenic impotence

This occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the penis become narrow. The penis is ramified with arteries that supply blood which sustains an erection. When the supply is not enough then the penis will not fully erect. This type of impotence is mainly found in elderly people. Those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure may also be victims. Arteriogenic impotence is also noticed in bicycle riders due to the continuous friction from the arterial region and the bicycle seat which may cause clot in the artery.

3. Venogenic impotence

On average 30-70% of all impotence are venogenic impotence. This is causes by the lock down of veins during an erection thus preventing flood flow in and out of the penis. In some cases, the veins burst and leak blood. Due to this, a person is not able to maintain an erection. This condition is referred to as the vonogenic impotence.

4. Neurogenic impotence

From the word "neuro" you can tell that this deals with nerves. An erection is made possible by the impulses within the nerves of the penis. The penis has roughly 25,000 nerves that coordinate in the erection process. If someone suffers a back injury and it involves the spinal cord, vertebral column or any other nerves that are related to the penis, that person is most likely to suffer from neurogenetic impotence. This impotence can be treated through surgery either on urethra, spine, rectum prostate or the urinary bladder.

5. Impotence caused from diabetes mellitus

This type of impotence is very common in patients suffering from diabetes. As a matter of fact, half of all male diabetic patients are impotent. This condition can be treated by controlling the blood sugar levels. A patient is able to do this through a healthy balanced diet, change of lifestyle and regular check-ups to monitor the sugar levels in blood.

6. Psychogenic impotence

The last type of impotence has to deal with the male psychology. This type of problems is caused by psychological reasons. Depression, Stress and relationship problems are very likely to cause impotence among men. Surprisingly those who suffer from this type of impotence do not have any physical challenges. Their importance is all in the mind and should be something that a psychoanalyst can handle.

The short term relief from any importance is the use of a Viagra. Viagra will cause a firm erection and sustain it for about 1-4 hours which should be more than enough time to enjoy sex with your partner. However, every Viagra should be purchased by a doctor's prescription.