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Beauty Of The Being

All human beings are conscious of themselves. We are all always conscious of our appearance, the other’s reactions and appreciation etc. It is in our innate nature to be always aware of our self. We are highly conscious of our physical appearance and our beauty. We do put in a lot of effort and take care to groom ourselves and look good all the time. Women always look for ways and means to enhance their beauty. Men are always drawn to the beauty in women. Irrespective of the woman’s age, color or personality, her beauty is appreciated and noticed by all men.

We all know that when we refer to a person’s beauty, it is not only the physical beauty that we are referring to but to the personality in total. It is only with the glamorous beauties who are known only for their physical beauty that we look at their physical attributes. Otherwise in all of the people we look at the qualities of the soul that contribute to making that person a beautiful being. Physical beauty we know is purely temporary and with age the beauty begins to fade. However many people continue to look beautiful even when they age and we say that they are aging gracefully. Here again the beauty of the physical form along with the nature and personality of the individual contributes to our perception of beauty.

If we know that the real beauty has to do with one’s mind and heart as well as one’s attitude in life, you may wonder as to why we are always after our physical beauty. Well women spend a lot of effort and money on beauty parlors in order to groom themselves and enhance their beauty. Physical beauty and appearance definitely does play an important part in the other people’s mental image of us and since we wish to make favorable impression on others, we seek to look beautiful. It is in our basic nature to want to look beautiful and attract other people’s attention to ourselves.

However, physical beauty alone does not suffice or make up for one’s persona. An empty person who is beautiful on the outside but lacking the wisdom, the right attitude and feelings on the inside is not likely to attract the attention of people. People will definitely glance at the physical beauty and appreciate but will not like to get closer to the individual who has nothing to contribute to the relationship beyond the physical sense of beauty. At the same time if you are not beautiful looking but are a great personality in terms of your character, you will be likely by those people who know you for who you are but you will not have the acceptance and attention that comes to people who are beautiful and good looking. Good looks and beauty alone is not sufficient for becoming a balanced individual. We need the right value systems, the right attitude, beliefs as well as the right thoughts that go into making us real beautiful beings.