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Erectile Dysfunction And It's Medications

Erectile dysfunction as the name implies is a problem encountered by men where the normal erection becomes a problem. A lot of people affected by this condition have suffered beyond measure and this suffering have come to them in different ways including the physical trauma, the psychological, emotional and physiological trauma. So when a man who is supposed to have a strong and persistent erection for sexual intercourse but even after the state of him being stimulated remain so impotent that his penis is small and flaccid, such a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction. This condition is caused by either disease, genetic condition, age and bad and unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, illicit drug, pornography, alcoholism and psychological traumas like stress, depression, anger, lack of focus etc. It in this regards that we have to treat this issue by elaborating on the various medications used in the managing this condition.

Medications for Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Common drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, their route of administration and mechanism of action:

Erectile dysfunction has really being managed by the medical and pharmaceutical companies by the production of certain drugs, who are usually phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors that perform their function by inhibiting the enzyme called phosphodiesterase. These drugs are taking through the route of mouth and these drugs include: Viagra, Levitra, Stendra, Staxyn and Cialis.


Viagra which is the trade name for the drug Sildenafil and is so called because sildenafil is the active ingredient that performs the action that drug Viagra is reputed for. This drug function by enhancing the flow of blood to the penile tissues. It constricts the blood vessels taking blood away from the penis but dilate the vessels taking blood to the penis increasing blood flow that fills the penis causing a strong erection for sexual pleasure.

Precaution and side effect: it is known for several side defects as priapism, nausea, blurred vision due to its effect on the optic nerves, profuse sweating known as diaphoresis, back and chest pain. This drug function 30 minutes after being used and should not be taken by one who has a cardiovascular complication as it can lead to heart attack or stroke.


Levitra also functions as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor and increases blood flow to the penis for erection. It has the side defect of causing the patient to be dizzy by decreasing blood pressure, headache and back pain, stroke and even fainting and so one who have had prior cases and presently having cardiovascular issues should avoid this drug at all cost.


Tadalafil is the second most popular after Viagra with also the perfect recommendation by FDA for the treatment of erectile issues. Stimulate the production of nitric oxide that causes vascular muscle dilation and constriction. Diabetic patient and those with cardiovascular problems dear do not take this drug without medical instructions. Nausea and vomiting neck, jaw and chest pain, dizziness are known side effects of this defect. Its dosage should be strictly followed if its desired action must be achieved and for a day, 10mg alone should be taken. It's action is about 30 minutes and has a lifespan of 36 hours.