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Information related to male and female impotency

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that cannot be associated with a gender. Any gender can become the victim of this sexual problem. But the majority of people are those who are above 50 years because this problem is highly dependent on the age. Many people complain that they are having difficulty in sexual activity but they do not think about their age. Let us start with a sexual dysfunction related to men. In men, the sexual dysfunction is called as erectile dysfunction. There are many people who have become the victim of this sexual problem and experiencing serious problems regarding the health. There are a lot of things which can make a person impotent instantly or gradually. If in some accidents, any injury occurs related to spinal cord then there are chances that the man may not get penile erection. The reason behind this is the inability of brain to send signal through spinal cord because it is damage. For a man to get proper penile erection, it is necessary for different systems to work accordingly so that the penis can get erection. Peripheral nervous system is one of them and its damage cannot make a person normal for sexual activity.

Besides this, some other causes are also there which can make a person impotent but it happens when the person remains in the exposure of such environment in which they are affecting badly. For example, if the person smokes daily then he has maximum chances of becoming the victim of erectile dysfunction. Same is the case with other drugs and the persons who are having some health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, and liver or kidney diseases. These all are the causes which can make the man impotent gradually.

Women have the same chances of getting sexual dysfunction as men have. Female sexual dysfunction is basically the lack of sexual desire in women that can be caused due to any problem. Besides this, some women also experience problems when reaching to the orgasm. This is also said as female sexual dysfunction. How a woman gets sexual dysfunction? This is one of those questions that come in the mind of many women and they want to know the answer to this question. Some causes of sexual dysfunction are depression and anxiety and many women go through this stage. One who keeps herself stable in every kind of situation keeps her fit and healthy otherwise depression and anxiety can give a lot of health problems too. Sometimes a woman takes those medicines which have great side effects. These medicines destroy the sexual parts of women and make her impotent in a few months. So these all things can make the woman impotent. In order to avoid sexual dysfunction, both men and women should try to get in touch with an experienced and competent doctor so that he can guide in a better way to get rid of all bad situations in an easy way.