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Life can be Fast, Life can be Mean. You should know how to get around it

Yes, when we see lives of men people, we wonder whether life is made by the choices that we make or is it destiny perhaps that designs the entire course that we take.

Every one's life story and path is unique just as everyone's personality is unique too. Circumstances often shape our responses and attitudes. One such example is the life of Tim Bradley, a nuclear physicist. Tim was an orphan who was brought up by and stayed at many foster homes in his child hood. There was no sense of permanency or home where he belonged. Even schooling was not regular and kept shifting depending upon the homes he shifted in various cities. Though he did live with other children in the homes, he was quiet and lonely and talked very less. He was quite adapt at hiding his emotions and putting up a blank face. Life did not seem to be treating him nicely until he met Stella the most fashionable and smart girl at high school. Stella was bright, chirpy and famous. She was the start at school and everybody in the boy’s team tried to woo her attention. As luck would have it Stella noticed the quiet boy in Tim and took special interest as a friend to help him pep up. It did take a while for her to get Tim to even smile and acknowledge her presence. Once he did, things started changing. He had found a friend. Now he looked forward to going to the class everyday. Soon he started showing interest in science subjects and with stellas and teachers help picked up on his studies and doing very well for himself. It was his promise to Stella that made him apply to the University for a Scholarship and went on to complete his doctoral thesis in nuclear physics. In a few years he went on to become the professor at the local university. All this was the outcome of the love that Stella had for him. He had flowered under her attention and love. But when it was time for him to ask her to be his wife, tragedy struck and she passed away suddenly.

Naturally Tim was heart broken, but sadness and depression were not new to him. He once again embraced them and went on. But the letter that Stella had written to him kept reminding him of the promise that he had made to her on two accounts. Professionally he had promised to advance and take up research and personally he was never to feel sad. He was committed to these promises. Tim went on to join a research center and made a name for himself as a nuclear scientist but coming out of his sadness was beyond his control.

As luck would have it, a colleague scientist Roselyn took interest in Tim and over two years pursued him and gained his acceptance. They were married finally but in a few months’ time the marriage seemed to be headed towards a deadlock. Reason being Tim could not bring himself to facing a physical relationship with his wife. The sadness in his heart had taken a toll on his body. He was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. But all was not lost. A visit to the doctor right in time saved his marriage. Over next few months Tim was give a daily dose of Viagra -50 mg tablets to be consumed orally twice a day. Viagra would ensure increased blood supply to the penis and thereby increase the effectiveness and enable the penis to achieve erection. He also went through intensive rehabilitation and counseling therapy that helped him unburden and empty his heart out and allow love for Roselyn.

Today Tim and Roselyn have settle down in Los Angeles where Tim heads a R&D wing of a corporate company and they have three children. Thanks to Viagra Tim got a fresh lease of life and this time he has made it successful.