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Love Can Conquer And Overcome Any Problem

Why is it that men and women’s success as well as purpose in life seems to be to marry and procreate? Any impotence on the part of man is seen as a question mark on him and shakes the core of the being. Women too find their life shattered if they are unable to bear children. Apart from the social stigma, they tend to suffer personally and psychologically too. In case of women it is quite understandable that there is a mother in every woman who naturally years for a child. However in case of men, their identity seems to spring basically from their manliness or their ability to father a child. In today’s world these things may be regarded as old fashioned. True that the western society has moved ahead in terms of nuclear family and is going through a different phase in terms of relationships and family. The high rate of divorce, single parenting and broken homes shows the societal condition and the thought process. Though being childless may be regarded as a normal thing in such a society, it definitely has a major impact on the individual psyche of the man and woman.

Impotence in men can result out of several reasons. In some cases, there can be a genetic or hereditary factor that causes impotence. However, the scientific community normally refers to impotence as in the case of erectile dysfunction and related problems. Erectile dysfunction or such physical problems related to inability to achieve erection may be caused due to physical problems related to the body, hormonal imbalance or due to any major illness. Apart from physical causes, such problems may also be caused due to psychological and emotional trauma too. Apart from the physical, psychological and hereditary factors, there can be several other causes like accidents and injury etc that can cause impotence in men.

While the medical science is highly advanced and is able to treat erectile dysfunction as well as to help cure the impotence in man resulting out of hormonal imbalance or erectile dysfunction, the problems related to psychological and emotional trauma take a long time to be cured. Extensive counseling, therapy would be needed to be provided to the patient.

Apart from counseling sessions, what makes a difference to the well being of the patient and helps him to get out of his impotency would be the family support and the support from the spouse. If the spouse were to have faith in the patient and back him up all the way, the love and support can help the man get over his trauma and look forward to a happy life ahead. It is the hope, the trust and faith from the loved ones that can help one overcome the hurdles and heal himself. Once the mind and heart are healed, the body heals automatically and gets back its rhythm. When love enters the heart, it removes the heaviness and the darkness and makes room for tomorrow.

Love and affection can conquer anything and set right any condition. In fact the desire to raise a family is rooted in the desire to share and love one’s own off springs. Love is a strong force that can conquer and overcome any problem.