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Men Be Aware

Our world is made up of good and bad things. Just like day and night, dark and light everything in nature has its opposites. Even in the case of man, the habits and mental tendencies consist of good as well as bad. An individual who is guided by a strong will, intellect and discrimination uses his faculties to understand himself and to give boost to his good tendencies and habits and works towards eliminating the wrong thoughts and tendencies that promise good in the short run but turn out to give misery in the long run.

Let us take a look at what are those bad tendencies and mentalities that occupy the minds of men. Primarily, the thought of sex all the time, ego, anger, greed and jealousy and the habits of smoking, drinking, doing drugs and excessive sex are some of the bad habits. All of these habits no doubt lure the individual with the promise of ecstasy and get a hold over the individual’s mind and in the long run destroy the individual totally.

Take the case of smoking. Most children during adolescent years tend to think that smoking is fashionable. As a sign of rebellion they take to smoking. Many do not stop there and become addicts. Smoking is injurious to health. This is a very well known fact. From the end of the previous century, world at large has woken up to realize the need for discouraging the people from smoking because they are essentially burning their lives up into smoke. But then the individual does not realize his folly till such time that he is personally affected by the same.

We all know that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer as well as cancer of throat and mouth etc. Nicotine found in the tobacco is equivalent to poison and is addictive. But what most people do not know is that smoking causes male impotence and affects their ability to achieve erection. Smoking on regular basis affects the heart rate, blood pressure as well as the nerves. Investigations have revealed that the chances of erectile dysfunction in men who smoke is as high as 50%. Besides being unable to achieve erections, the quality of the spermatozoa that is produced is also affected leading to impotence.

Without their realization, smoking kills man in terms of his health as well as destroys the peace in his life. Male impotence is something that is difficult for most men to admit or accept. When due to smoking over the years men become impotence, their relationship with their spouse is bound to get affected and consequently there are chances of breaking up. Just for the temporary thrill of smoking, one can end up losing one’s family, peace and happiness.

Is this all worth it? Can the man look forward to building bridges or looking for a new relationship?. Male impotence in such cases will be difficult to treat as the body is ravaged by other health problems related to heart and lungs. All in all, one stands to lose health, wealth and peace. What is left but smoke.