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Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride

We and the Taylors have been neighbors for the past twenty five years. Living together we have seen each others ups and downs and stood by each other to help and support in tough times and in need. Within the two families we have had eight children, two dogs and three kittens which have been brought up playing, partying and swimming together. There has never been a time when one had to worry about having to lock up the house if we were going away on vacation; we just assumed that the Taylors would look after our home while we were away and vice versa. Many a times, children have opted to stay back and not travel with us and have been at home with the Taylors.

With the kind of close relationship and bond that we shared, it came as a shock with Catherine Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer. It shook us completely and affected all members of the family. The next few years that followed were emotionally draining. Catherine was completely shaken not by the disease but by the emotional insecurity and anxiety. Days together she would be sick on bed and it naturally fell on us to keep the house going. We all tried to do our best and hoped for things to turn better. After twelve weeks of radiation and chemo therapy we brought Catherine home and slowly helped her get back to normal. Things did seem normal for a while. At least Catherine tried to make it work. We continued to be there for each other and more importantly both of us joined a local prayer group and started attending healing sessions regularly once a week. Little did we know that our faith was to be tested by the Lord. Catherine fell sick after eight months again. Reports and biopsy showed that the cancer had not receded and was showing up again.

This time round, with the support from the healing group, things were different. Catherine had made up her mind and a pact with the Lord that she would fight the cancer and she would win. She wanted the Lord to be with her and see her through this. It worked. She had to undergo surgery once again and further chemotherapy left her very weak. In the weeks that followed, Catherine never indulged in self pity but looked forward to getting back to her formal self. So it was after one year that she and her husband thought of taking a trip to Europe as Catherine wanted to visit all holy places connected with Christ. They travelled all over Europe for over eight weeks and when they returned we saw a new couple in place of the earlier Taylors we knew. The new found romance seemed to have worked magic on them. We were naturally eager and curious to know what had happened. Well, the secret was finally revealed. It seems Catherine's husband had been prescribed Viagra by his doctor just before they left for the trip. Taking Viagra daily had pepped up Sam's energies and rest of the story was there for us to see.