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Benefits in Hay fever by putting under tongue pills

It is observed by the researcher that by putting the pills under the tongue in hay fever condition can help in many other symptoms to relief. In the United States, this therapy is widely used for the replacement of allergy shots and for this purpose FDA has approved many of the medicines for immunotherapy. In this study, an Italian researcher took about data of 25 clinical trials that relate to the treatment to reduce the symptoms produced in hay fever. In addition of the findings it is found that placebo is more effective as compare to the immunotherapy, Dr. Gabriele Di Lorenzo said. He added that all of the previous data were not correctly estimated because the calculation differences were too high between placebo and active medicine. But now actual estimation has been find out in recent analysis. Many of the people are victimized of the seasonal hay fever in which watery eyes, sneezing, itching are common one. They can get relief in these conditions just by taking some antihistamines and nasal corticosteroids. The allergy shot and sublingual immunotherapy is different in this case that it gives a good relief by using the small quantity of the allergen. For this purpose, Oralair is a medicine used in this problem extracted from the dried pollen of the five different grasses like orchard, timothy, perennial rye, Kentucky blue grass and sweet vernal.

Di Lorenzo said, it is not significant that symptoms are scaling 18 points which is more than 1 point that is not a significant in the medical field. It represent that just treatment is not enough to control such symptoms. He added that it is better to take medicine on the doctor office, which might be riskier and less comfortable. On these ideas Dr. Gaston De Cardenas said, there is a need to make something more batter than it any how this is also a great idea. Doctors have not a good alternate as compare to just putting some medicine inside the tongue for sublingual immunotherapy, said Dr. Jordan Josephson.

Some people apply this treatment into the office but some recommend to other pharmacy which act is legal.