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Cure Gum Disease, Reduce Prostate Symptoms

Teeth are very important part of our body and little bit pain in this part may results a great disturbance. So treatment of painful teeth becomes necessary which reduces the disturbance and may reduce signs of prostate inflammation. It is also recommended by the latest research that treatment of gum diseases may help to minimize the signs of inflammation, which makes the urination difficult.

In this research there is a connection shown between prostate inflammation and gun diseases.

For the confirmation of this suggested hypothesis, a survey was made on 27 men who were 21 years old and more. These persons had both gum disease and prostatitis problem. Author said, all of these men pass through a treatment of gum disease and after s short interval of time they had a significant improvement in their gums. Their teeth condition was too much improved.

Study published in Dentistry, on the same time they were untreated from second prostatitis problem. But fortunately after the gum disease treatment a good change was in prostatitis problem. Age from 21 to 27 had a good improvement in prostatitis without any treatment. So it was suggested that by treatment of gum disease, prostatitis condition become good.

Dr. Nabil Bissada said, Hence it is clear that quality of life can be increased by reducing the signs of prostatitis. And it can be possible by proper treatment of gum diseases because a significant change happened due to gum disease treatment. Researcher said many previous studies shows that gum disease had a strong relationship with the other fatal diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and heart problems.

Bissada added that gum disease affects on different parts of body other than the mouth as it can inflame the prostatitis problem and etc. he says it is important to check out the gum disease of any heart patients before any surgery. It should have a standard value of gum disease treatment before any other medical treatment of any heart problem or for pregnant women.