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Diabetes Control in US senior Citizen

According to the new findings it is noted that about every third patient of the diabetes in senior people have their disease under control. Elizabeth Selvin, the leader of the research, said that it is very good condition that most of the senior people are not meeting the clinical targets. It is a good picture representation and we should this picture in front of the people for public health. This data consist on the different areas of the United States as Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina and Minnesota in which researcher included 1600 diabetes patients whose age were 65 and more. Researcher tried to look after that whether these patients are applying the US Diabetes Association recommended measurement such as control of blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar in their life routine or not? It was found that only every third person in those patients had controlled level of the diabetes according to the defined ADA measurements. And many of the experts think that these ADA guidelines are too much demanding for the senior diabetes patients. But despite of these guidelines provided by the ADA, many of the patients are still not following them and their diabetes is not under control.

Selvin said, many of the aspects is important for discussion regarding the diabetes of the older people that whether these patients have been over treated or they are going under treated process? This research also explains the interest of the women in this regard. It is noted that white women is too much likely to control their blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure as compare to the black women, researcher said. According to the co-author Christina Parrinello said, there in another problem that old age diabetes patients have too much other health problems that is why they fell much difficulty for controlling diabetes so those patients should visit to the doctor on urgent basis for their other health problems. Otherwise failure to control the diabetes may lead to the permanent other problem like blindness, nerve damage and kidney disease, researcher concluded.