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Do walking and cycling, reduce weight

Now a day, machines are very important supporter for our daily working routine but due to these machines we are too much dependent. Specially, we use these machines for travelling and always use it whenever we go outside of home. Now study says, our too much dependency on machine is not good for health and we should walk and do cycling in our daily routine.

There was three times survey held on 4000 UK people from 2004 to 2007. It was about the use of their mode of travelling and about the height and weight of the people. With the other reasons for weight loss, it is also noted that people lost 2.2 pounds of weight by switching the mode of travelling from car to cycling, walking and public transport.

The greater use cycling, walking or other public transport as compare to the using of car and other comfort transport helps to reduce the weight, researcher said.

Over the period of two year of study, those people are physically strong who travel for more than 10 minutes from their home to working place. They lose average 4.4 pounds weight which is good sign of health. Similarly, some people who travels more than 30 minutes lose average weight about 15.4 pounds

According to the research, people who used car or other comfortable transports for travelling as compare to cycling, walking or other public transport, got an average weight about 2.2 pounds. This design study does not show the exact relationship of cause and effects, the researcher said.

So, it is proven that walk is too much healthy habit. A person who walks, use cycle and go to their place of work through public transport looks healthy and lose weight very rapidly, explained Adam Martin.