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Drinking Problem can be happened due to the jealousy

In the new study it is found that jealously is the main issue which can lead to the drinking problem. It is noted by the researcher that most of the people whose self respect mostly dependent on their relationship can be addicted of alcohol due to the jealousy. On the other hand this research also explains the increment of the users of alcohol, researcher said. One of the study author Angelo DiBello said that we all have some sort of jealousy factor up to the some extent and many of the people use alcohol with different reasons as if someone in relationship that is less than their ideal level. Among them, romantic jealousy is also one that is the shared problem and very little work is available on this kind of jealousy and use of the alcohol, misuse and other problems. This research also explain the relationship between our thought, emotions and behavior with harmful ways ass use of the alcohol one of them, he explained.

Drinking Problem

He added, it is possible that people will learn about the problems can caused due to the jealousy and its effects. This study also supports the individual to prevent from intervention efforts and use of the alcoholism due to the self respect and relationship problems. In this research about 277 students were participated from different universities of the America who were asked about their drinking habits caused by the romantic relationship. Use of the alcohol is a leading cause of death in the United states and 10 percent of the death is happening due to the alcohol in working age adults and 88000 death is caused due to this reason in a year.