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Get enough erection in sexual activity

In the present days, the use of medicines is becoming very great because people do not care about their health and become the victim of different diseases. If they become conscious about their health then they can avoid many health problems. The severity of disease depends upon the people that how they treat their selves in case of any disease. Those people who have money only go to the professional doctor as they can bear their charges. If you are suffering with any problem then you should go to the professional doctor because if you have health then you can earn money. In this article, I will discuss about the Viagra medication and erectile dysfunction.

Viagra has proved to be the best medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine has been proved right from the professional doctors and health care centers. Viagra has become the mostly used medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in 1998. In this article, I shall tell you about the erectile dysfunction and pharmacokinetic data. Well, talking about the erectile dysfunction you will come to know that in this disease the flow of blood become very low which is very necessary for the sexual activity. If the blood flow will not increase then you cannot get the erection. In short, we can say that blood flow through the arteries control the erection of the penis. And this blood flow is control by the special enzyme present in our body. Viagra is used to increase the activity of this enzyme that further increases the flow of blood.

Well, if we talk about the pharmacokinetic data then you will come to know that the half life of Viagra is 3-4 hours. Bioavailability of Viagra is 40 percent and excretion from renal is around 13 percent. Fecal excretion is 80 percent. These things tell us about the new information about the Viagra. If we talk about the side effects of using Viagra then these side effects are very uncommon. In its side effects photophobia, headache, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, facial flushing and blurred vision are present. The chances of getting these side effects are very less but it is very necessary that the user of Viagra should have the knowledge about these side effects.

There are some safety precautions for the use of Viagra. It is strongly recommended to follow these safety precautions. There are many medicines which have the composition of nitrates and these nitrates can decrease the blood pressure. So you should tell your doctor if you are using such medicines which have the composition of nitrates. Definitely your doctor will tell you to avoid such medicines during Viagra medication. Different doses of Viagra are available in the market but you should only use the prescribe dose of Viagra. The prescription of doctor is very necessary because if you will take Viagra on your own behalf then you may get many diseases and health problems. In short, you can use Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction according to the suggestion of doctor.