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Heartache risk is higher in Polygamous men

It is a fact that men show more interest towards women even after getting married. A man never feels satisfaction with one wife so it remained in his desire to get married with another woman too. This may be pleasurable for man but researchers think that it can be problematic for heart if a man has more than one wife. According to researchers, the chances of blockage in heart vessel increases to a great extent when men married to more than one woman.

A cardiologist and study author, Dr Amin Daoulah, said in their recent research that there is a strong relationship between heart vessel blockage and the number of wives. He further added in this statement that it could be due to extra burden of households, which require time and money both. Every woman ask for basic things but sometimes it become quite difficult for men to take care her requirements especially when he is dealing with two or more wives.

In this study, it was deduced that man with more wives is at higher risk of getting heart disease. These finding about association between heart problems and the number of wives was explained at the (APSC) also called as Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology congress. However, this study did not explain how polygamy increases the risk of heart diseases in men. According to Daolulah, it is possible that many other factors like eating habits, love for one wife compared to other and some genetic factors are playing a role in increasing that risk but it has not been confirmed yet by researchers.

A study published in which it was told that less than half of men want to be monogamous while more than half of women want to be monogamous. It means more women prefer to remain with single partner than men. According to scientists, polygamous men can play a vital role in evolutionary sense but polygamous women cannot. A man can make more than one woman pregnant compared to woman who can have only one baby even after being with multiple partners. In addition to this, monogamous couple’s children don’t need to share their things with a child of other woman. It has also been deduced through this research that men having more than one wives like to have fewer children than those who have one wife.

However, we can see many practical examples in society where it becomes quite difficult for polygamous men to divide his resources between multiple wives. This increases mental stress and thus it leads to many health problems related to heart.