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High Cholesterol and Aggression

A new research suggested that use of the Statin for cholesterol reduction may cause the increase or decrease the aggression in patients. Study found that men get more effect regarding aggression as compare to the women. Dr. Beatrice Golomb Clinical persons are too much aware about this problem and it is a good attempt to inform other patients. He said that patient should take the prescribed medicine if he is feeling this kind of the problems. An expert Robert Geffner said this effect is on very initial stage and more study is required for its confirmation. Geffner added, it would be very start of the aggression problem if I am reading this research. It might be an interesting outcome but don’t know about its possibility.

For this research, experts took 1000 people included men and postmenopausal women who were using medicines since last six moth of Statins or placebo. This study was the attempt to clarify the blur picture that whether this statins medicine can cause this aggression behavior, Golomb said. Use of the Statins to reduce cholesterol level also improve the cells for energy and reduce testosterone level which theoretically explain the reduction in the aggression behavior. He added, but this is also effect the serotonin level which can cause the disorder in sleeping behavior and increase in the aggression, researcher said. Participants behavior was judged by their aggression which they did with the other people, thing or with themselves. Researcher follows up the participant’s behavior from start to end.

This research found that the use of the Statins have significantly high effect of the postmenopausal women who are more than 45 years. And this behavior is too much strong in those women patients who had already aggression problem before the use of the Statins. On the other hand, the observation on the men proved same behavior of aggression after the use of Statins but there was no any significant effect when men had average behavior of aggression.

Geffner said that it is obvious that neurotransmitter and hormones play a vital role in the brain function. But it is not confirm that is it possible to analyze this behavior by excluding the three male aggression outliers. He added that this research had 2400 participants at the start but now only 1400 participants are left because none of them in excluding candidates were meeting this criterion. There are too many questions in my mind without answer. It is an interesting thing for follow up but my questions are still unanswered.