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Insomnia: the reason behind chronic pain and more sensitivity

A new research from Norway tells that people who have insomnia are more sensitive to pain and thus they feel more pain in bad health conditions.

In the study at Norway, the researchers measured the level of pain and sensitivity to pain in more than 10,000 people. Results show that people who have sleeping problems are more sensitive to pain compared to those who sleep well without any disturbance. Many people who were having chronic pains and had sleeping problems showed greater sensitivity to pain. According to researchers, the sensitivity to pain also depends upon the time a person takes to get to sleep.

According to the findings of this study, it is important to improve the sleeping habits of people suffering from chronic pain as the further disturbance in sleep will increase the sensitivity level that is undesired.

In this study, researchers asked participants about all of their problems related to sleep. They asked participants about their total sleep time, how much time they take to fall asleep and many other issues. They found that people who have insomnia are actually moving towards worse effects than they are at now.

Participants also completed cold-pressor test in which they were asked to put their hands in 3 deg C water for 106 seconds. 42 percent of people who had insomnia pull their hands out before 106 seconds and only 31 percent of all participants succeeded in this test. This shows that insomniac people have less tolerance level to painful things compared to normal people.