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Migraine connected to heart problems

People who are suffering from Migraine may be victimized of the heart problem which is not connected to their genes, a new research found. In this study, researcher did a very keen research on the genes dissimilarities and its connection with the heart problems and Migraine. About 20000 people took a part in this study who was suffering from such kind of headache and 55000 other people who never ever felt such kind of pain. In the other study, 21000 people were having the heart disease and on the other hand about 63000 people were normal and never suffer from this. Dr. Aarno Palotie said this study purpose only to check the connection of the genes with the heart disease and Migraine. As a result, researcher did not find any of the genes difference in these two diseases and it is said that patient will be on greater risk of heart disease in Migraine with Aura condition as compare to Migraine without Aura.

It is noted that Migraines without Aura have some genes dissimilarities but these variations is helpful to protect the body from any kind of heart disease. So, it would be cleared that people who have Migraine without Aura is not connected to the genes and not responsible for heart problems, said Dr. Anne Ducros. He added that there is need to identify that why new born people with a protective and neutral genetics risk have heart diseases and it increased at the ultimate time. some other genetics factors are not included in this study but it is possible that those factors like smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and depression may cause the hearth problems, Ducros concluded.