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Obesity signature written in pee

Urine is very important part which indicates the health conditions inside the body. Now latest research shows that urine give obesity symptoms and tells whether your body fat is at risk or not.

For this study, urine was collected from about 2000 people of United State and United Kingdom. The collection of urine was twice a day, three weeks apart.

It was found that there are about 25 chemicals are present in urine which indicates the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the body. BMI is basically the ratio between the heights and mass which indicate amount of fat in the body. Researchers said these 25 chemicals are “Metabolic Signature” of fatness.

Dr. Paul Elliott Said that our research is concentrate on metabolic patterns present in the urine which indicates the obesity in body. Researchers found that among 25 chemicals nine are the compound which produces gut bacteria after the food break down in stomach. This research is as correct as previous research was “the Gut bacteria with obesity”. In all these markers, minimum one marker is food break down product and directly linked to heart disease.

Some of these markers are related to the muscles metabolism and the lower level of these markers indicates the high level of BMI’s. Study finds that diet plan and as well as exercise helps to reduce the obesity and control BMIs.

High level of BMI can increase the blood pressure problem. In some cases, high enough level of BMI can leads to diabetes. As indication of obesity is possible from urine, So Elliot said nonobes people should identify the metabolic signature in the urine. It may be beneficial for personal health. If prevention way is adopted then it is very easy to control the BMI of body. Hence the risk of obesity in future and diseases due to obesity is decreased.

This research is one point in time research and can’t explain that whether these chemical markers are due to obesity or obesity due to these markers. So there is more study is required for this purpose.