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Online Drugs marketing Seized by FDA

Medicines are now an important part of our life and every person in this world is connected with this. Medicines are a good remedy of every small and big disease and as medicines helps and works for the human life which made its important enough. Increment in the use of medicines, many of the medical companies advertising the importance of the medicines in the electronic media and many of the medicines are available on the internet where we can buy those medicines easily by paying amount through bank account. But among those many of the manufacturers are selling some low quality medicines and in this situation FDA taken a goof action against these manufacturer.

An agency said that in this last week Food and Drug Administration took a serious action against the 1050 websites who were selling dangerous medicines and some low quality medical devices for the patients use. A new release said that warning has been sent to that specific manufacturer and their product selling has been seized from 1050 website by FDA. George Karavetsos, FDA Director of Criminal investigator, said it is our attempt to keep safe American patient from the use of replica of any medicines and low quality of medical devices. According to FDA report, many of the replica medicines are available on internet and selling their brands illegally are listed as generic Truvada, generic Nolvadex, generic Valium and generic Advair Diskus.

Many other medicines found by FDA in Chicago, New York and Miami through mail screening. Those medicines use for the treatment on replacement of hormones therapy, high cholesterol, antidepressant, seizures and erectile dysfunction. Similarly many of the fake medical devices found selling on the internet are dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid. And sue to the international collaboration, warning letters has been sent to 400 website providers which are selling unauthorized medicines and some are selling medicines misbranded and unapproved. Karavetsos said, it is a good attempt from FDA side to engage the international enforcement agencies. It is a happy moment to being a part of this team which is working for this good cause. Also we should do everything which is helpful to remove these kinds of the medicines and illegal drugs from the websites.