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Testosterone treatment, not beneficial for ejaculation issues

It is said in this research that supplement used for the testosterone is not beneficial in the low level of testosterone which ease the problem of ejaculation in the man. Dr. Darius Paduch said that in United Sates there are about 10 to 17 percent ejaculation problem exist everywhere. Researcher said Ejaculation problems are subjected as the low volume of ejaculation, disability of ejaculation and delay in time for the ejaculation and still there is no any medicine is recommended form Food and Drug administration (FDA) side.

There is a question that whether testosterone replacement therapy is helpful in this problem or whenever any patient having low level of testosterone?

Paduch said, this clinical attempt is to cure a very common disease that put very serious effect on the interpersonal relation and physical health. For this research, there were 26 men participants, who were 26 years and more, had a serious problem of testosterone and having dysfunction of ejaculation. For the application of the 2 percent of the solution of the testosterone, those men were selected randomly. As a result after 16 week, it was seen that all were having too much improvement in the ejaculation problem that had testosterone therapy as compare to the other. Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler said, from many of the decade of the year there was no connection between the testosterone and ejaculation.

She added that orgasm do operation with the collaboration of the nerves system but does not respond to the testosterone. Sex interaction depends on the testosterone but not on the orgasm. Paduch said, in all this process men did not felt any significant improvement in ejaculation problem. So researchers are trying to find the better clinical treatment for the patients having the ejaculation problem.