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Use radiation, for brain tumor

Brain is a very complex part of our body and our all body is connected with brain. Every signal for action goes into human brain. All the senses are connected to brain and it receive signals while we hear, touch, smell, talk and look. Even a big problem can be happened just because of the minor problem in the brain. But unfortunately different kind of the problem finds in this sensitive part.

Brain Tumor is a deadly disease and doctors use many of ways for treatment. Sometimes radiations are used on the whole part of the brain so no more tumors can be produce. But as a disadvantage, patient loss their memory and it also effect on their thinking ability. Researcher found that 92 percent of the patients loss their memory while having the whole brain tumor treatment by using radiations. Some patients having targeted radiation therapy in brain tumor condition and it was found that there were a reduction of mental ability.

Unfortunately there are very less number of people who survived after the complete brain radiation treatment but in targeted radiation treatment patient just lost their ability. They had very less chances of having again brain tumor. Buckner and study author Dr. Paul Brown both said, radiation surgery collapse all those cells which can be produced tumor in the brain. That is why death rate of the people decreased because tumor ends up with the help of radiation therapy.